Gravity flow line feed carts from Eagle MHC are designed to maximize product visibility while adding ease and flexibility to manufacturing, assembly and material handling operations. Each angled shelf cart features an open-wire construction for high visibility and reduced dust build-up, and provides ease and enhanced ergonomics in picking operations. The carts assemble easily in minutes without the use of tools. Shelving can be adjusted on 1" vertical increments and provides for variable angles up to 30 degrees. Shelf dimensions also provide adequate space for double kitting, thus allowing for increased inventory space as needed. All gravity flow line feed cart components are available by the piece, making it easy to custom-configure to your precise needs. Additional options include dissipative split sleeves and drag chains for handling sensitive electronic products, along with polyurethane or vibration-dampening casters for mobility. Eagle MHC gravity flow line feed cart models are 69" high and are available in standard 36", 48" and 60" lengths. Custom sizes are also available upon request.

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