Chemsultants, Inc., part of the Chemsultants International Network, is the perfect outsource solution for both development and testing of adhesives and coatings. The Chemsultants team brings a wealth of experience to clients in a wide variety of areas including: solvent, emulsion, hot melt, and 100%-solids adhesives and coatings. Our expertise also includes most polymer systems, coating, printing and converting methods.

The laboratory services offered are physical and analytical testing, formulation development, and product modifications/improvements. Chemsultants provides these client services from product conception through development, benchmarking and commercialization. Chemsultants, Inc.'s laboratory enters its fourth year as an A2LA-accredited facility, qualifying it to provide testing and development services under the most stringent quality requirements.

Chemsultants, Inc., working in conjunction with its sister company, ChemDevelopment, Inc., provides clients with the additional ability to run pilot web coating trials of new or modified adhesives and coatings. For over 15 years, Chemsultants, Inc., has provided real-world solutions to clients in a wide range of markets, including adhesive and chemical, aerospace, converting and packaging, food and beverage, health and beauty, medical and pharmaceutical, and beyond.