Comprised of three companies - Chemsultants Inc., ChemInstruments Inc., and ChemDevelopment Inc. - Chemsultants International Network provides a complete range of products and services related to adhesives, coatings, sealants, labels, tapes, specialty inks, packaging materials applications and more.

From product development and contract research to product performance testing...

From pilot coating services for process development to product scale-up for market test samples...

From toll manufacturing to contract manufacturing of specialty products...

From adhesive testing equipment to material characterization equipment...

From consulting to quality system development to educational workshops and beyond, Chemsultants International Network companies can help you turn ideas into products, and ensure that your products exceed your customers' expectations.

Getting you to market first, fast, and foremost - and helping you to stay there - is the primary goal of our family of companies.

Chemsultants International Network

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Mentor, OH 44060

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Fax: 440-352-8572