CPFilms, Inc., a leading manufacturer of precision-coated films for electronics, medical, high technology, industrial, commercial and solar-control applications, now offers polyester-based release liners especially well suited for medical applications. They include UV54, UV10, UV12, UV30, UV50 and UV100 UV-cured, and S10 fluorosilicone release, the latter for use with silicone-based pressure-sensitive adhesives and other materials. Each of these liners was included in a Drug Master File (DMF) filing to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, submitted late in 2004. According to Doug Goldstein, new business development manager for CPFilms, the DMF filing is important for CPFilms and other companies that wish to supply medical products manufacturers with release films that meet stringent health and safety standards. "This DMF filing enables us to provide confidential information to the FDA, which can then review the liner's acceptability for use as a component in coated medical substrates," Goldstein said. "Once approved, this is information that the FDA can report to prospective users of our products."

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