According to Devcon, a one-part epoxy adhesive will soon replace welding below the fuel-filling ports of many automobiles. SC 2002, a structural epoxy with excellent resistance to unleaded gasoline, will bond the funnel to the fuel pipe in the assembly of the new capless direct-fill system that will appear on some 2009 model cars. Bonding with SC2002 was chosen as an alternative to welding because it provides tighter, more durable seals and prevents any fuel vapors from leaking into the atmosphere. Even more automotive assembly applications for SC2002 are anticipated, such as bonding metal fuel-line sections between the fuel tank and the engine. The reliable adhesive has already been proven in the assembly of metal filters (securing stainless-steel screens to their frames, sealing bottom plates to tapping plates, and potting end caps). It has also been used to safely repair damaged fuel lines and to assemble speakers for automotive or home sound systems.

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