Local decorative glass studio to launch line of glass accessories nationwide.

Glass bevels adhered with Crystal Bond to clear glass with textured film.
A decorative glass studio in Spotswood, NJ, has announced the nationwide launch of a line of specialty glass products.

Morgan Whitney Creations, located at 2 American Way in Spotswood, kicks off beginning its launch with two innovative new products: Crystal Bond Instant Glass Adhesive, a permanent, instant glass adhesive that forms an invisible repair bond in natural light; and Mirror Accents beveled glass art, a glass bevel kit that transforms ordinary glass and mirrors into decorative art glass.

"We are very excited about our new products," said Dennis Sibley, president of Morgan Whitney Creations. "In my 20 years in the glass industry, Crystal Bond is the first high-quality glass-to-glass adhesive that I've come across that cures without the need to exposure to any special UV lights. Our glass adhesive is permanent, fast bonding and water-resistant, and it will not bond skin. I've encountered many people who have been discouraged by other consumer adhesives labeled as suitable for glass-to-glass applications, but are really nothing more than repackaged superglue, and not permanent when bonding glass to glass."

Sibley, who hails from Yorkshire, England, explained that, in England, decorative glass is very popular. "It is widely used in kitchen cabinets, doors and windows to create truly unique home designs. The U.S. market seems to be just catching on to the potential of decorative glass to increase the beauty and value of the home. I believe American consumers have suffered from poor choices as a result. Our Mirror Accents beveled glass kits give homeowners the opportunity to create their own decorative glass designs out of ordinary glass and mirror surfaces throughout the home. They are also perfect for anyone interested in unique craft projects."

About the Company

Since 1999, Morgan Whitney Creations Inc. has specialized in stained glass, decorative and textured glass, and they have become known throughout the area glass industry as the place to go for unusual decorative glass, glass repairs, and glass replacement. During the same period, sister company Yorkshire Leaded Glass Inc. has served the architectural industry by providing traditional leaded and textured glass for buildings, including some of the most prominent universities in the United States.

For more information, contact Morgan Whitney Creations Inc., 2 American Way, Spotswood, NJ 08884; phone (732) 251-9005; fax (732) 251-7819; or visit www.mwcreates.com.