The Physica magneto-rheology cell from Anton Paar is designed to test magneto-rheological (MR) fluids under a variety of different conditions. Typical applications of MR fluids include power transfer, vibration isolation and tactile feedback devices. MR fluids are suspensions of particles that can be magnetized and exhibit fast, strong and reversible changes in their rheological properties upon the application of a magnetic field. The Physica MR cell is the only commercially available device designed to characterize the rheological properties of these materials. Utilizing plate-plate geometry, the magnetic field is generated by applying an electrical current to a coil below the bottom plate. The cover serves as a magnetic bridge and provides a uniform magnetic field. Magnetic flux density is controlled through US 200 software. All standard MCR tests can be run with the MR cell, as well as sweeps of magnetic flux. Temperature is controlled via a fluid circulator with a maximum temp of 70 degrees C, and flux densities are variable with a maximum of 1 Tesla.

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