Forbo Adhesives' Low Application Temperature Hot Melt Adhesive

StaCool® 662 is a unique specialty adhesive. This revolutionary new formula is designed to run effectively at significantly lower-than-conventional Perfect Binding application temperatures of 250 - 275 °F (121 -135°C). It provides excellent penetration and adhesion on difficult body and cover paper stocks such as those with heavy ink or varnish coatings. Contributing greatly to the overall quality of the bound books are the good film properties and flexibility of this adhesive.


Application Temperature -

Effective machining, good flow and adhesion to substrates at 250 - 275 °F.

Color -

A light yellow color with superior thermal stability. Adhesive films are aesthetically appealing on the book spine. Lowered application temperatures allow for maintenance of light adhesives color in addition to operating with virtually no smoking, low odor and less char production. Extended benefits of lower application temperatures are the reduced maintenance and downtime related to application equipment.

Adhesion -

Very good specific adhesion on a variety of paper stocks including many coated papers. Wide range of temperature performance properties, good cold performance as well as good heat resistance.

Film Properties -

Forms strong, yet flexible films. 662 may provide easy open features on certain soft cover bound books.

Open Time -

Short to medium-short, depending on selected application temperature, allowing for running on high speed to medium fast speed binding equipment.

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