Henkel Corp. has introduced new equipment for two-part adhesives dispensing. Each of the company's three new Loctite Meter Mix Dispense Systems feature fixed and variable ratio units that can be customized with accessories to meet specific end user requirements. For precise ratio dispensing, the Loctite 1000 System features two positive displacement piston pumps. While the standard system is designed for hand-held dispensing up to 10 feet away, a wide range of reservoir and dispensing options allow for customization of the system. The compact Loctite 2000 System also features two positive displacement pumps, but includes an easy-to-use control panel to facilitate bench-top dispensing. The system is capable of controlled shot size dispensing and pressure regulation to modify flow rates. The Loctite 3000 System features the latest PLC technology and a monochrome touch-screen display for shot size programming and integrated reservoir level control.

For more information, visit http://www.equipment.loctite.com or call (800) LOCTITE.