Adchem Corp. has released its new 353M Double-Coated Acrylic Adhesive Tape System, combining quick-stick properties similar to rubber-based systems with the temperature performance of an acrylic system. 353M is engineered for numerous substrate-bonding applications involving low-energy surfaces and challenging foams, such as crosslinked polyethylene, low perms, ethers, and esters. 353M is based on Adchem's new 300 Adhesive Series, first introduced and tested under the experimental product code 6380M. In order to maximize performance and optimize economics, 353M incorporates a differential caliper coating of 1.7 mils on the exposed side and 1.3 mils on the liner side, with typical peel values of 72 oz. per inch width on the exposed side and 64 oz. per inch width on the liner side. 353M also features a formaldehyde-free composition and complies with RoHS requirements. Several liner options, including 55 lb. densified Kraft, 74 lb. polycoated paper, 12 pt. Board, and a 2-mil PET liner, are available.

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