A UV-absorbing epoxy adhesive specially formulated for bonding glass-to-glass, metal and ceramics is now available from Huntsman Advanced Materials. The transparent Araldite adhesive is designed for use in manufacturing welding helmets and other products in which UV transmission issues are important. The low-viscosity, easy-to-spread epoxy is also ideal for general-bonding projects that require clear bondlines. It is well suited for glass and ceramic art restoration. Designated Araldite AY-8591 resin/HY-8591 hardener epoxy system, the new adhesive features an extended 55-minute work life. The material cures after 60 minutes at 158 degrees F (70 degrees C), 20 minutes at 212 degrees F (100 degrees C) or five minutes at 302 degrees F (150 degrees C). After an elevated temperature cure, Araldite AY-8591/HY-8591 epoxy system exhibits a lap shear strength of ~2,200 psi and a Shore hardness of 65D.

For more information, visit http://www.araldite.com , call (818) 247-6210 or e-mail adhesives_group@huntsman.com .