The 790HPNM high-pressure-dispensing valve is an ideal choice for high-viscosity materials. The valve can dispense dots and lines or perform potting applications with materials such as silicones, RTV, adhesives, greases, UV-curable materials, and many others. The retracting spool design causes a "snap off" of the material at the needle or nozzle, thus ensuring that accurate deposits of material are dispensed. The valve can be controlled with a standard I&J Fisnar Inc. dispenser or with the VC-1195A 4-way valve controller, which maximizes the valve suck-back action and closes the valve more quickly. The 790HPNM valve can easily be adapted for use on robotic dispensing systems or it can be used as a bench-dispensing valve. The 790HPNM is economically priced and can be fed directly from a caulking cartridge or from a range of reservoirs.

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