VC-1195A valve controller allows for control of one or two dispensing valves. When dispensing medium- to high-viscosity materials using a valve, the normal spring return action may be too slow. To speed up the return/closing cycle and to eliminate dripping, the VC-1195A valve controller is recommended to control both the ON and the OFF action of the valve. VC-1195A greatly enhances the performance of any valve designed for a 4-way operation. By using air to both open and close the valve, the valve controller provides much crisper valve closing. When using the 790HP series spool valves, the VC-1195A valve controller maximizes the valve suck-back action and closes the valve more quickly, reducing material stringing problems. It is recommended that all automated/robotic dispensing applications using the 790HP series valves be installed with the VC-1195A valve controller.

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