Liquid Polymer Co. has announced the start-up of the first production packaging line to use Liquamelt Hot Melt Adhesive at Fairhaven Industries in Warren, OH. The world's first liquid hot melt, Liquamelt converts from a free-flowing liquid at room temperature to a thermoplastic hot-melt adhesive when it is pumped through a preheater attached to any hot melt applicator head. Because Liquamelt is a liquid at room temperature, heated hot-melt tanks, pumps and hoses are no longer needed. Elimination of this equipment provides significant cost savings and reliability benefits to the industry worldwide, including: up to 91% reduction in electrical power consumption; elimination of hot-melt char and nozzle plugging; significantly reduced burn potential; and more. Liquamelt is formulated for bonding paper, corrugated board and coated stock used in consumer goods packaging. It also has excellent adhesion to high-density polyethylene, ABS, polycarbonate, polystyrene and a variety of rigid and flexible foams.

For more information, visit or call Bill Stumphauzer at (440) 277-9362.