Cognis has appointed two global technology managers to ensure its Polymers, Coatings and Inks business continues to focus on the development of innovative concepts and solutions. Gerhard Bauer joined Cognis' Functional Products Technology department on April 1. In addition to heading up the technical groups of the PCI Innovation Concept Center, Bauer's role also involves supporting the Innovation Concept Centers in the implementation of Cognis' strategy to evolve from a supplier of specialty chemicals to a supplier of innovative services, customized formulations and sustainable solutions for the PCI industry. Antoine Carroy will join Cognis' Functional Product Technology as global technology manager of Radiation Curing Technology on May 1. Carroy will head up the technical groups of PCI ICC Radiation Curing Technology worldwide, and will be responsible for managing the Radiation Curing Innovation Pipeline, working together with Functional Products' Research & Product Development Centers.

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