ADM TRONICS: Waterproof Adhesive

AB2 Adhesive is a water-based laminating adhesive specially designed for laminations of foams and films. The product exhibits exceptional water-resistance properties, with bonds maintained even after total submersion in water. This versatile adhesive achieves bonds off machine, though full water resistance develops through a self-curing period of 24 hours. AB2 Adhesive can be employed as a contact-bond adhesive by application to both sides to be laminated, drying until clear and then direct mounting for an immediate bond. This adhesive can be applied using conventional laminating equipment, brush, or other direct application.

Phone: (201) 767-6040

ADCHEM: Transfer Adhesive

Designed specifically for the industrial and automotive markets, 6403 transfer adhesive provides an aggressive bond to a variety of foam materials and low-surface-energy plastic and rubber substrates. 6403 serves a variety of applications in the automotive industry, including HVAC components, gasketing and noise reduction. Features include a 12-point board liner for kiss-cutting and die-cutting, in addition to facilitating liner removal. The adhesive is rubber-based with a thickness of 3 mils and is supplied in standard 54" widths to accommodate most substrate stocks.

Phone: (631) 727-6000

EMSEAL: Joint System

This company has announced the availability of COLORSEAL, a unique, pre-compressed, hybrid, silicone-and-impregnated-foam sealant ideal for sealing walls in stadiums, office buildings, casinos, universities, convention centers, government buildings, retail shopping malls, airports, and hospitals. Designed for curtainwall and metal cladding systems, as well as structures made of concrete, brick, and stone, COLORSEAL overcomes the fatigue and potential cohesion failure of liquid sealants by combining factory-applied and cured silicone bellows with an impregnated expanded foam sealant backing. This product features non-invasive anchoring, thus eliminating the need to drill or screw into sensitive substrates, which in turn eliminates the risk of spalling and enables installation into inside corners that are impossible to seal with aluminum rail and rubber strip-seals.

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GE: Encapsulants

InvisiSil encapsulants offer long-term durability vs. conventional epoxy resins that can cause device failure in as few as 1,000 hours. InvisiSil encapsulants provide excellent adhesion to a range of case and electrode materials, including ceramics, polyamides, and silver and gold electrodes. These encapsulants offer high transmittance and high refractive indexes from 1.4 to over 1.5. With their stability under thermal stress and UV light, these materials help to extend the useful life and increase the reliability of devices by resisting yellowing and delamination from the substrate that often occurs with epoxy-based materials.



New Gorilla Tape is 2 to 3 times thicker than conventional duct tape and packs significantly more of what makes tape work: adhesive. With 17 mils of thick, aggressive adhesive, this product offers a sticky grip that quickly adheres to surfaces that other tapes won't stick to, especially porous surfaces like brick and stucco. Gorilla Tape also features a tough all-weather shell that allows it to remain resilient in extreme weather and under harsh UV rays. Also, its reinforced backing uses a much higher thread count than the current industry standard, which allows for significantly enhanced flexibility and durability.


ITW TACC: Liquid Adhesives

ITW TACC has introduced three new liquid adhesive products to the company's successful Sea Grip marine adhesives line. These liquid contact adhesives are specially formulated for marine and boatbuilding applications, and complement Sea Grip's successful line of canister spray adhesive products. The new liquid adhesives are: Sea Grip 80, a low-VOC and low-HAPS spray-grade contact adhesive that delivers a water-resistant, non-staining bond with high initial green strength that can be used on a variety of substrates; Sea Grip 357, a waterborne spray/brush-grade contact adhesive that delivers the performance of a solvent-based adhesive, but with no VOCs; and Sea Grip 2725, a versatile, high-performance, fast-drying contact spray-grade adhesive that exhibits excellent adhesion.

Phone: (800) 503-6991


The T-flex™ 300 is a highly compressible gap filler designed to provide excellent thermal performance while remaining cost effective for state-of-the-art computer and telecommunication applications. Providing the thermal transfer solution for heat issues that occur in high-speed devices, gap fillers like T-flex 300 are critical to ensuring component and device performance integrity. The T-flex 300 Series has a thermal conductivity of 1.2 W/mK, and its ultra-soft interface pad conforms well with minimal pressure, resulting in little or no stress on adjoining parts. Its compliancy is complemented with the lowest compression set of any gap filler currently available, enabling re-use of the same pad many times during re-work.


RAYVEN: Vinyl Bumper Sticker Product

This company has announced the introduction of its new white vinyl bumper sticker product known as Rayven 924. Rayven 924 has exceptional bonding properties and is backed with permanent removable adhesive that will stick to chrome, paint, magnets, and glass. The 4-mil, white vinyl face sheet is matted with a receptive inkjet top coating that makes it perfect for both pigment- and dye-based inks. The bumper sticker product is water resistant with pigment inks, and the vinyl is backed with a heavy 6-mil paper liner, creating an 11.5-mil finished product.

Phone: (800) 878-3776

SCAPA NORTH AMERICA: Acrylic Transfer Adhesive

Unifilm® U725 is a high-performance acrylic transfer adhesive formulated for high-temperature gasketing/sealing, product assembly and general-purpose bonding. The product is ideal for thermal management applications, including wood stove and fireplace insert manufacturing. Offering good long-term aging on a wide variety of surfaces (including urethane foams, metals and engineered plastics), Unifilm U725 resists environmental extremes, including temperatures greater than 250°F. The transfer adhesive exhibits excellent peel, tack and quick-stick properties. Unifilm U725 is supplied with a clear, easy-release polyester film liner that die-cuts easily, removes in one piece and resists high temperatures. The transfer film is formulated to withstand spooling without cracking.

Phone: (800) 653-5316


Tyco Plastics & Adhesives (TPA) now offers an oversized 12-inch by 30-foot roll of Big Fix™ duct tape to patch, bond or seal large areas with a single swatch. Big Fix's patent-pending design includes a storage container for portability, a convenient cutter for creating custom shapes and a release liner for easy application. This tape can be used on a variety of products and materials, including: sporting goods; plastic sheeting; roofing; furniture; tarps; plumbing; walls; doors; metal; and wood.