Charles Ross and Son Co. has announced the shipment of VersaMix Model VMC-50, a special tri-shaft sanitary mixer designed to provide maximum process flexibility to the user. The VersaMix is constructed using type 316 stainless steel wetted parts. The wetted surfaces are polished to a 180 grit, easy-to-clean finish. The unit features: a Three Wing Anchor with TFE scrapers to clean the sidewalls of the vessel; gas-purged shaft seals; a 50 psi jacketed, dished bottom vessel to permit heating or cooling during processing; and more. The VersaMix is ideal for the manufacturing of products, including adhesives, chemicals, plastics and electronics having viscosities up to 500,000 cps. Change-can models are available ranging from a one-gallon benchtop design to production sizes exceeding 1,000 gallons capacity. Fixed-tank designs are offered in capacities to 4,000 gallons. All sizes are available with a range of optional features to meet the needs of each customer.
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