CHEMINEER: Colloid Mill

The Greerco Colloid Mill features an easily adjustable rotor/stator gap feature that allows the end user to quickly change the degree of shear the colloid mill produces. This feature offers significant benefits for research and development work in which the fluids or resulting dispersions or emulsions vary from test to test. Researchers save time and money by using one machine and merely adjusting the shear rate for the fluid being tested, saving capital and maintenance expense, as well as physical space. Available in vertical or horizontal configurations, these high-shear mixers are ideal for sanitary and industrial markets.

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GRACO: Bulk Melt System

This company's new Therm-O-Flow® 200 bulk melt systems features heated, ram-mounted supply pumps with a patented non-stick, heated Mega-Flo platen that transfers hot-melt and warm-melt sealants and adhesives up to 204°C (400°F) from drums to a variety of manual or automatic, extrusion or seal applicators. The systems utilize Graco's reliable Severe-Duty Check-Mate® pumps with power ratios up to 70:1, allowing them to handle high-viscosity materials (up to 5 million mPa) at flow rates to 2.8 gpm (10.6 lpm) at 60 cpm. Therm-O-Flow systems feature EasyKey™, a simple, easy-to-use intuitive control that displays actual and set point temperatures, a Material Totalizer that can be reset to track job or daily material usage, and a 7-day automatic startup timer that has the system ready to go when a shift arrives. The Therm-O-Flow also features integrated self-diagnostics for quick, easy maintenance, and sensors to signal when drum changes are needed.

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M&C SPECIALTIES: High-Bonding Adhesives

This company has announced the availability of pressure-sensitive adhesives used in automotive paint processes for masking and finishing. These high-bonding adhesives offer solutions for various automotive applications, such as interior and exterior attachments, anti-squeak, vibration control, and general mounting. M&C Specialties is also able to meet the adhesive challenges of the newest paints, plastics and films, while also ensuring customer satisfaction with their Quality System, which conforms to QS9000 and TS-16949 quality standards, allowing it to meet all customer SPC requirements. The company uses a cutting-edge plotter machine for tool-less CAD-based rapid prototyping to create specialized form and fit during the early stages of production. This results in customized solutions that are a low-cost investment.

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TRA-CON: Conductive Silver Epoxy Adhesive

TRA-DUCT 2958 is a snap-cure conductive silver epoxy adhesive recommended for electronic, die-attach bonding and sealing applications that require excellent electrical and mechanical properties. This two-part, smooth paste compound has a medium viscosity and a long pot life. TRA-DUCT 2958 exhibits a long pot life of 4 hours and has a required high-temperature heat cure. This material also has a high Tg of 92°C. TRA-DUCT is ideal for chip-bonding electrical modules and printed circuits, as well as many other manufacturing operations.

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