This issue features our look at construction adhesives and sealants geared toward end users. The EndUser: Construction/Wood Products section begins with an article from the Silicones Environmental, Health and Safety Council of North America describing how silicones protect, strengthen, and preserve the integrity of buildings throughout neighborhoods all over the world. Because of their unique properties, silicones have proven especially useful in improving structural safety in the event of violent storms, such as hurricanes and tornados. In addition, the performance of the Pentagon building during the September 11, 2001, terror attacks is a tribute to the value of silicone in protection applications. A high-performance silicone sealant is a key component in the window design credited with saving lives and reducing injuries in the attack on the Pentagon.

Our construction coverage continues with "Flooring Fix," a case study on how two flooring systems were able to save both time and money in two different applications.

Finally, an article from Venture Tape explains how a pressure-sensitive jacketing system made installation of floor-to-ceiling ductwork in a 200,000-square-foot manufacturing plant faster and safer than traditional methods.

Not to be outdone, our regular issue editorial is also worth reading. It begins with a look at a new trend affecting the pressure-sensitive industry. By May of this year, the price of platinum had more than tripled as it reached a historical record US$1,340, rising over 50% in the last year alone. Dow Corning explains why this is happening and has some formulation suggestions to help suppliers cope with the price hikes.

Also, as part of our formulating focus, an article from RAHN USA Corp. discusses formulating energy-curable PSAs.

Rounding out the regular issue is an article that discusses electric actuators for adhesives and sealants application, and the factors to consider when choosing an actuator. See p. 32 for details.

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