CHARLES ROSS AND SON CO.: Vertical Blender

The Ross Vertical Blender, with a mixing screw that rotates around the periphery of the cone and simultaneously lifts materials from the bottom to the top of the blender, is ideal for the blending of easily degradable solids. In fact, the unit's dual blending action results in cycle times that are usually less than half as long as conventional horizontal designs. Designs are available from 1 to over 500 cu. ft. A variety of options are also available, including choppers for size reduction, spray nozzles for minor liquid addition, cleanout doors, numerous materials of construction, sanitary designs and more.

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CONPROTEC: Dispensing System Cartridges

This company, a leading innovator of two-component adhesive dispensing systems, has announced the availability of its new B System, which consists of a manual dispensing gun, a cartridge and a static mixer, all designed to work together as an integrated, high-performance system. The MIXPAC B System offers all the benefits of ConProTec's newer, state-of-the-art systems, but, as an added benefit, works with MIXPAC's original DMA 51-00-10 manual dispenser, the most popular dispenser in the industry today. Currently available in 50mL, fully assembled, 1:1 ratio polypropylene cartridges, the B System offers benefits such as: separate cylinders; a stronger attachment flange; stronger cartridge walls; pre-assembled pistons; and an improved static mixer-cartridge-nose plug interface. This unique connection eliminates the possibility of both cross-contamination and plugged cartridges.

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DEGUSSA: Ureidofunctional Adhesion Promoter

This company has added to its product range a ureidofunctional silane adhesion promoter of significantly improved quality. The percentage of certain byproducts - particularly the ethyl carbamate contained in comparable products - lies below 0.05%. According to Degussa, Dynasylan® 2201 EQ owes its existence to the development of a special production process for which patents are pending. Dynasylan products can be found all over the world in coatings, adhesives and sealants, plastics, cables, glass fibers, and glass fabrics, and in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals. They perform a range of functions from adhesion promotion to crosslinking and surface modification, and can act as dehydrating agents, co-monomers, binders, or reagents.

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PACER PUMPS: Centrifugal Pump

The Series I self-priming centrifugal pump features a polished 316 stainless steel body held together with a stainless steel band clamp. The unique combination of stainless steel body and thermoplastic internal parts enables the pump to withstand the highly corrosive conditions often found in the chemical industry. Series I models are available close-coupled to electric, hydraulic and pneumatic motors, as well as to gasoline engines. Pumps are also available built onto cast-iron pedestals with stainless steel shafts for flexible coupling to the user's power source. The latest upgrade to the Series I pump features the addition of Ryton® for the pumps' internal materials of construction. Ryton is a high-performance engineering resin known for its dimensional stability and resistance to corrosive and high-temperature environments. The addition of Ryton to the existing lineup of polyester and polypropylene extends the list of chemicals that can be pumped, and also increases the upper-temperature capabilities of the pump.

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POLYSCIENCES: Biodegradable Polymers

This company, a leading manufacturer of specialty monomers and polymers for scientific and medicinal research, has announced the release of a new line of novel biodegradable polymers based on copolymers of polylactic acid (PLA) and polyethylene glycol (PEG). The biodegradability of polymers based on lactic acid (LA) or glycolic acid (GA) and their copolymers with ethylene glycol (EG) opens up new avenues for drug delivery, gene therapy, tissue engineering, and determination of cellular pathway mechanisms. Polymer structures featuring polyethylene glycol, with biodegradable or biocompatible segments offering micellular, nano and microsphere morphologies, are useful for controlled-release formulations.

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PRES-ON: Adhesive Coated Materials Brochure

This company, an innovator in the application of adhesive coated products, has announced the availability of a four-page color brochure containing 45 samples of its most popular adhesive coated materials. The brochure was published to educate engineers not only of Pres-On's extensive adhesive coating, slitting and die-cutting capabilities, but of the general properties of materials such as urethane foam, vinyl blends, and double-coated films used in the production of hundreds of industrial and consumer products. Pres-On coated materials can be found everywhere from the gaskets in automobiles and industrial motors to tapes applied in the assembly of consumer electronics and windows.

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