Atlas Weathering Services Group (AWSG), a division of Atlas Material Testing Technology LLC, recently introduced electronic reporting with extensive web-based access for customers to easily retrieve their test information and data. Available at no cost to all AWSG customers, the e-services deliver password-protected desktop access to real-time and historical test data. A password is automatically generated for new clients and e-mailed to their desktop along with their Acknowledgement Letter. The e-services include: live test tracking that allows clients with active tests to go online and view daily radiation values and the five most recent tests completed,or pending activities; e-reporting, which automatically delivers all test reports to a client's designated e-mail; and historical evaluation reports that allow clients to obtain archived evaluation reports of their tests.

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CONPROTEC: Preassembled Pistons

ConProTec Inc. has introduced new preassembled pistons for its MIXPAC® Hand-Held Cartridge Dispensing System for two-component adhesives. These preassembled pistons are designed with an innovative air-venting technology to allow for easier insertion that minimizes entrapped air. Uniquely designed, these pistons lend themselves well to semi-automation, as they are easily incorporated into a production line. ConProTec's MIXPAC System consists of a manual dispensing gun, a cartridge and a static mixer, all designed to work together as an integrated high-performance system.

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DISPENSE WORKS: Dispense/Filling/Assembly Robots

Dispense Works RP Series robots are designed for adhesives, sealants and lubricants. The high-payload, machine-tool-quality construction of the units allows secondary operations to be performed on the same machine. Assembly and pressing is easily adaptable to the machine, allowing the performance of multiple functions in one setup. A graphical software interface provides simple and powerful control of inputs/outputs and logic commands to satisfy virtually any custom dispensing/filling/assembly operation. The machine's embedded processor features dual memory, including a Compact Flash Card.

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Kraton® G hydrogenated SBC (HSBC) is a new technology created for hot-melt butyl sealant manufacturers that allows for an increase in the range of product service temperatures, as well as the potential for expanded use into new markets, including insulated glass windows for warmer climates. The addition of this product to hot-melt butyl sealants improves both their high-temperature slump and creep resistance while maintaining excellent processability. Although easily processable and cost-effective, butyl sealants can become rather fluid at higher temperatures, causing increased flow, slump or creep during use. In more demanding applications, such as insulated glass windows, they often must be used with thermosets to improve performance, which comes at the expense of processability. By using Kraton's HSBC technology, sealant manufacturers can capture the processing benefits of conventional hot-melt butyl sealants with an increased range in service temperature and improved creep and slump resistance.

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R&D TECHNOLOGY INC.: Liquid Copolymer

R&D Technology Inc. has announced the development of a liquid copolymer that polymerizes using the melting energy of asphalt. This product features carboxyl, carboxylic anhydride or hydroxyl functionality, and 60-70% of its contents are derived from renewable resources. The polymer composition can be adjusted to decrease the Tg. The copolymer can be dispersed in water without any additional emulsifier for a cationic emulsion; it can also be neutralized, preferably with a volatile base such as ammonia or triethanolamine, for easy dispersion in aqueous systems.

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