ADCHEM: Permanent/Removable Mounting Adhesive

8311M-76G mounting adhesive brings a clean, permanent/removable bond to digital imaging, electronics, medical devices and graphic arts industries for temporary mounting foams, polycarbonates, plastics-to-glass, and other hard surfaces. Even after extended exposure to direct sunlight, 8311M-76G delivers a strong-yet-removable bond. With a 76 gloss-gloss liner polycoated to ensure flatness and resist cockling, this product is moisture-resistant. Combining high performance and removable acrylic adhesives, 8311M-76G offers excellent adhesion as well as repositioning and removability of less than 1 lb for many surfaces.

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MICROPUMP: Micro Annular Gear Pumps

This company's micro annular gear pumps offer precise flow rate control for outstanding performance in a variety of applications. Offered in Low-Pressure (Series ML) or High-Performance (Series MH) configurations, these compact, versatile pumps help conserve valuable liquids and increase the overall efficiency of systems. For maximum dosage accuracy, Series ML and MH pumps feature high-precision rotors that provide tight flow rate control, even at differential pressures as high as 80 bar (1,160 psi). These rotors allow the pumps to dispense volumes as small as 0.25 microliters and handle flow rates from 0.15 to 300 ml/min, with accuracies within +/- 1%. In addition, the pumps use gear-tooth-forming technology that keeps pulsations to a minimum to provide the smooth, constant flow necessary in analytical lab instruments, medical diagnostics, chemical processing, fuel cells, biotechnology, micro-reaction technology, and other critical application processes.

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TAH: Spiral Process Mixer

The Series P Spiral Process Mixer from TAH is designed to provide users with the highest-quality end result to their CPI, waste and wastewater-processing applications, whether it's mixing adhesive coatings, correcting pH balances, or processing waste sludge. These stainless- and carbon-steel static mixers are designed for applications requiring higher flow rates and installations that require 2" to 30" diameter piping. With exceptional heat and mass-transfer properties, the Series P mixers allow for the flexibility users need: depending on the pressure-drop needed, flow rates, pipe diameters and number of mixing elements can all be changed. The Series P can even be used in-line to maintain a homogenized cross-section of blended chemicals, making separation problems a thing of the past.

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WAHLCOMETROFLEX: Non-Metallic Expansion Joints

This company now offers technologically advanced, non-metallic expansion joints for smelters, refineries, petrochemical plants, chemical plants, waste heat recover and cogeneration facilities. The expansion joints handle extreme heat conditions, as well as abrasive and caustic gases, while meeting customers' requirements for economy of installation/operation and energy efficiency. High reliability is achieved with innovative designs and features, such as the mounting of belts with steel channels instead of flatbars for stronger and more consistent clamping force. WahlcoMetroflex's Supratef® series of fluoroplastic materials are a combination of fluorocarbon resins (for chemical resistance) and specially designed woven fiberglass reinforcement (for high strength). Supratef fabric is engineered to withstand the ductwork's full temperature range, even without the added protection of WahlcoMetroflex's joint cavity insulation.

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