Exciting things are happening here atASI! This issue examines some hot topics in the industry, including the new REACH regulations. Whether your company is an adhesives manufacturer or end user, find out how REACH will affect your business in "Reach Requirements for Adhesives Manufacturers and Users."

Adhesives for food-contact and medical applications are subject to many requirements. An article from Henkel KGaA looks at the current and future European regulations for adhesives in food-contact applications.

Adhesives are critical components in the design and manufacture of the majority of medical devices. As medical devices become smaller and more complex, greater demands are being made on the materials and components used in them. As the adhesives industry responds to the challenges of this market, new advances are widening the performance envelope for medical adhesives. Find out more about the market for medical-device adhesives in "Specialty Adhesives for Medical Devices." And in "Surgery Sealant," we examine an absorbable hydrogel for use as a surgical sealant during elective pulmonary resection.

ASI Online Solutions

Sign up today for one (or all) of our exciting web seminars taking place this month. On Nov. 2, Prabhu Natarajan, director of Strategic Alliances and Product Marketing at 3E Co., will address "Tips for Your Hazardous Materials Transportation Program." Because of national and international incidents involving hazardous materials, several security regulations have gone into effect. The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) helps companies manage the information and compliance issues associated with these security regulations as they relate to transporting HazMat.

"World-Class HazMat Compliance Doesn't Need to Cost a Fortune" is scheduled for Nov. 9. Most organizations do not have a comprehensive EH&S compliance plan in place, leaving them exposed to fines, or worse - not being prepared in the event of a spill or an emergency. Michael K. Beckel, manager, Consulting Services, at 3E Co., will address: a) how to conduct an on-site assessment of HazMat compliance information; b) the direct and indirect (often hidden) costs associated with compliance-related tasks and omissions; and c) the marshalling of resources to meet these challenges.

On Nov. 16, Tamie Webber, manager, 3E Product Management, will discuss "Trends and Considerations for Multinational EH&S Compliance." Companies who expand their operations into foreign markets encounter myriad issues including EH&S and HazMat regulatory compliance requirements. There are several complex issues that go far beyond simple language translation. This web seminar will address the multiple issues companies face and the steps they need to be taking and considering when addressing multilingual issues.

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