AIR PRODUCTS: Epoxy Curing Agents

Ancamide® 2634™ curing agent and Ancamide 2652 curing agent both provide formulators with strong barrier coats for difficult environments, such as marine, maintenance, and chemical facilities. Ancamide 2652 curing agent is a special polyamide adduct designed for use with liquid epoxy resins in two-part, ambient-cured coatings specifically developed to provide long overcoatability with epoxy and alternative resin technology. Ancamide 2634 is a modified polyamide curing agent designed for use in two-component, solvent-borne epoxy coatings. Aside from corrosion and chemical resistance, it also offers good heat and cathodic disbondment resistance, along with good flexibility, adhesion, and high blush resistance.

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AVERY DENNISON: Label Applicator

The ALS 206, a robust new label applicator that can be equipped to withstand direct water washdowns, is now available from Avery Dennison Printer Systems. The ALS 206 features die-cast, all-metal construction and a corrosion-resistant cabinet for reliable operation in demanding industrial environments. It can be upgraded to IP 65 electrical enclosure standards, making it ideal for food industry, pharmaceutical and similar product ID labeling applications. The IP 65 standard indicates an ability to prevent the ingress of dust and to withstand washdown jets from any direction. Maximum application speed is 30 meters per minute. The applicator is controlled directly or from a remote PLC via serial, parallel, wireless, Ethernet or software interfaces.

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DOW CORNING: Antifoams

Dow Corning recently introduced two new low-cost antifoams for waterborne systems at ASIACOAT 2006 in Shanghai, China. New Dow Corning® 76 and 77 Additives are low-cost, foam-control solutions for a variety of waterborne formulations, including flexographic inks, printing varnishes, and coatings for wood and parquet flooring, as well as plastic and protective coatings. They are designed to help users eliminate foam, maintain high film quality and achieve regulatory compliance.

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MACtac® Graphic Products has combined its patent-pending, bubble-free air egress adhesive and 2.1-mil, high-performance vinyl to create the new IMAGin® JT5529BFD (B-free Digital), thus allowing installers of vehicle and fleet graphics to concentrate more on the art than the science of their trade. This product provides exceptional durability (10 years outdoors) and is highly conformable over complex, three-dimensional curves, rivets, and corrugation without lifting, peeling, or shrinking. The IMAGin B-free adhesive makes repositioning easy during the installation process, and provides a secure bond within 24 hours of application. Other features and benefits include: brick white face for true color reproduction; an 80# polycoated liner for layflat; a smooth, glossy face for a paint-like appearance; and an IMAGin product warranty.

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NORDSON: Labeling System

Nordson Corp. has announced the availability of a new carousel wraparound labeling system featuring patent-pending PatternJet™ gun technology. The labeling system, a direct replacement for wheel-pot systems, features two PatternJet guns, one at the pick-up and one at the lap seam. A non-contact PatternJet gun applies spiral-shaped dots or swirls of adhesive to the body of the container before the label is applied. After the label is applied, the second PatternJet gun integrated into the magazine applies a strip of adhesive to the lap seam, sealing the label end.

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