Study finds growth being driven by aging population, medical advances

Recent advances in medical adhesives are creating new applications for the bonding and joining of medical devices. Medical device manufacturing is a $60 billion market growing at 12% annually. The aging population and advances in medical procedures will continue to fuel the growth of medical devices in a host of areas, including drug-delivery systems, catheters, implants, and therapeutic devices. These new developments represent significant market potential and unique business challenges for materials suppliers.

Adhesives are critical components in the design and manufacture of the majority of medical devices. As medical devices become smaller and more complex, greater demands are being made on the materials and components used in them. As the adhesives industry responds to the challenges of this market, new advances are widening the performance envelope for medical adhesives. Variations in polymer composition, coupled with compounding differences, are allowing properties to be tailored to meet specific application requirements, including biostability, sterilization effects, and mechanical properties.

These developments and the opportunities they represent are detailed in a new and comprehensive market report. Medical Device Adhesives: Markets and Opportunities contains in-depth analyses, descriptions and evaluations of current and probable future market developments, technology issues and business factors - information necessary to compete effectively in this evolving market.

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