MERECO TECHNOLOGIES: Silver-Filled, Electronically Conductive Epoxy

A silver-filled, electrically conductive epoxy adhesive that is supplied in popular packaging alternatives for a range of cold soldering applications is available from Mereco Technologies of West Warwick, RI.

Mereco METADUCT®1202 Silver Adhesive is a silver-filled, electrically conductive epoxy that is specifically designed for lead attachment cold soldering, chip bonding and lead frame bonding applications. Supplied in plastic bubble packs from 2 to 200 grams, five kits from 2 to 32 oz., and pre-mixed and frozen syringes, this adhesive cures at room temperature.

Solvent-free, non-bleeding, and thixotropic, Mereco METADUCT®1202 Silver Adhesive is compliant with NASA’s outgassing specification. It has a volume resistivity at 25°C of 10-4Ohm-cm, 800 psi lap shear strength, and exhibits 80D Shore hardness. Typical applications include manufacturing, assembly and repair of heat-sensitive components where hot solder is impractical.

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