Innovative approach benefits fabricators and installers.

VentureClad 1577 embossed and VentureClad Plus 1579 pre-cut sheets are scalable to varying pipe sizes. The sheets are shipped directly to distributors who place them on the piping before it is delivered to the installer.

Venture Tape Corp. has found an innovative way to benefit fabricators and installers through the introduction of two high-performance facing systems in pre-cut sheets. VentureCladTM1577 embossed and VentureClad PlusTM1579 are available in pre-cut sheets that are readily scalable to varying pipe sizes. The sheets are shipped directly to distributors, who place them on the piping before it is delivered to the installer. Because the sheets speed up installation time, contractors at the job site can realize significant labor savings and offer more competitive pricing to their customers.

“This unique approach creates tremendous cost-saving opportunities,” says Venture Tape Product Manager Ed Sore. “Both fabricators and installers will realize greater profitability by using VentureClad pre-cut sheets. In the past few years, VentureClad has established itself as a market leader in zero-permeability facing systems.”

VentureClad 1577 and 1579 are UV-resistant insulation facing tapes ideal for interior and exterior applications. Coated with CW®Cold Weather acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive system, the tapes combine quick stick at normal temperatures with superior, field-proven performance at temperatures below freezing. The products have zero permeability and can be used for exterior finishing of air ducts, pipes, and other open-air installations, as well as interior protection of insulation systems.

Distributors benefit from providing their customers with an exterior jacketed product. The new products are also ideal for customers who want to jacket 12-15 feet of pipe outdoors. Metal jacketing usually requires customers to use snips, pliers, gloves, strapping, seals, silicone sealant and a caulking gun. With the pre-cut sheets, they simply apply the sheet and strips to the liner. This provides contractors with a means to reduce labor expenses that was not previously available, thus allowing them to externally jacket a pipe at the same rate as the installation of the original sections.

VentureClad products provide a low-maintenance alternative to traditional finishing materials, such as mastics, PVC, foil, metal cladding, glass fabric, butyl duct wrap and other types of materials. They are also easy to install, requiring no special tools or training. VentureClad all-purpose facing tapes are weather resistant and exhibit high puncture and tear resistance. Zero permeability enables the tapes to be used as a low-temperature vapor barrier for cryogenic systems and as weatherproofing covering for most insulation materials.

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