New adhesives simplify RoHS compliance.

ACA 161A is a new water-based adhesive from Akron Coating and Adhesives designed to bond polypropylene (PP) and other engineering plastics to metals such as aluminum.

Since new RoHS rules call for the phasing out of all polyvinylchloride-containing materials (PVCs), polypropylene is an attractive replacement for plastics that contain PVCs. Use of PP has been limited mainly because it is more difficult to achieve a strong bond to it. In almost all cases, a primer coat is required. Further complicating the transition, most adhesives that are designed to bond PP are solvent-based and must be diluted and cleaned up with non-environmentally friendly materials.

While results will differ depending on how the adhesive is to be used, ACA 161A can often provide a simple, cost-effective way to substitute polypropylene for PVC. Tests have shown that ACA 161A can provide a very strong bond (peel values of up to 32 lb/in.) between polypropylene and aluminum. The adhesive can be applied directly to the material surface, eliminating the cost and assembly time required for primers. The water-based formula allows for easy cleanup. It can be applied to metal foil by gravure printing, reverse roll or wire-wound bar coating methods. If necessary, it can also be applied with a brush, paint roller or by spray coating.

ACA 161A is designed for any application where a strong bond to non-polar surfaces is required, such as molded parts found in automobiles, consumer electronic components and packaging.

About the Company

From medicated patches to adhesives used in high-end electronic components, Akron Coating and Adhesives has helped its customers develop and produce some of the most sophisticated formulae on the market today. ACA’s custom formulae can be found in a spectrum of products where reliability and dependability are essential.

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