GRACO: Two-Component Dispensing System

Graco has introduced the Liquid Control PR70, a new meter, mix, and dispense system that sets a higher standard for performance, reliability and accuracy. Built to handle medium-to-low viscosity materials, it is ideal for potting, gasketing, sealing, encapsulation and syringe filling. The PR70 features Graco Control Architecture™ Fluid Control Board (FCB), which is a module that offers a simplified wiring system and board-level diagnostics.

"The PR70 has all the features you need in a compact, modular design," says Doug Brady, product marketing manager, Sealants and Adhesives Equipment, Graco. "This unit combines Liquid Control metering technology with Graco's pump technology, which raises the bar for performance and marks the beginning of a new generation of meter, mix, and dispense systems."

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MPI TECHNOLOGIES: Anti-Graffiti Film

MPI Technologies, Winchester, MA, has introduced a new Anti-Graffiti film that repels graffiti markings made with inks or paints, and can be wiped clean with a solvent-based cleaner with no staining or ghosting.

MPI’s “Anti-Graffiti” film is available in widths up to 82” wide, in a variety of film thicknesses. It is ideal for protecting mass transit, restrooms and exposed surfaces from ugly graffiti markings.

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NORDSON: Hot-Melt Application Head

The PWII 350 profile wrapping application head from Nordson Corp. provides woodworking operations cost-efficient adhesive coatings in profile wrapping applications. PW application heads are ideal for coating hot-melt adhesives on foils and veneers that are applied to profiles of varying shapes and materials.

PWII 350 heads offer application flexibility with a configurable number of modules, exchangeable nozzle assemblies and user-friendly web guides. In addition, the coating width and position of the head relative to the substrate can be adjusted quickly and easily, even during production.

An alternative to traditional roller coating systems, the PWII 350 application system processes reactive hot-melt adhesives such as polyurethane (PUR), as well as other hot-melt types. The closed system prevents moisture and contaminants from entering the system, providing high bonding quality while reducing clean up. Precise adhesive dispensing and adhesive temperature control minimize waste to increase adhesive savings for woodworking manufacturers.

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VENTURE TAPE: Jacketing System

Venture Tape Corp., a worldwide manufacturer of specialty tapes, now offers a new version of its highly successful 1555CW jacketing system in white. The zero-perm jacketing consists of a combination of polyester, aluminum foil and white polypropylene. It is coated with Venture Tape’s CW, a special cold weather acylic, which is specially formulated for handling in adverse weather conditions.

Tapes coated with CW acrylic retain their superior tack in cold, humid, and even damp conditions, yet are heat stable up to 250ºF. They are field-tested and recommended for applications in temperatures as low as -10ºF. 1555CW-White is primarily used as a zero-perm vapor barrier joint closure system in chilled water installations. It is ASTM E84 tested.

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