Tremco Commercial Sealants & Waterproofing has introduced ExoAirTM220 Fluid-Applied Vapor Permeable Air Barrier Membrane for conditions where seasonal temperatures experience drastic changes from very cold winter months to very hot summer months, and where seasonal moisture variation is high. Improperly controlled airflow is a common cause of damaging condensation, moisture accumulation and energy loss in exterior wall assemblies.

ExoAir 220 is designed to seal walls from air infiltration and exfiltration, while allowing vapor molecules to pass through so they do not get trapped within the wall. Trapped moisture vapor causes condensation to occur within the wall cavity, which can lead to structural deterioration and shortened structure life.

ExoAir Air Barrier Systems include ExoAir 120 Fluid-Applied Air & Vapor Barrier Membrane for both roller and spray application, ExoAir 110 and 110LT (Low Temperature) Self-Adhered Air & Vapor Barrier Membranes, ExoAir TWF Self-Adhered Thru-Wall Flashing Membrane, ExoAir Termination Mastic, silicone and urethane sealants, and even a patent-pending solution Proglaze®ETA Engineered Transition Assembly to provide the critical window to curtainwall tie-in. With ExoAir 220 being incorporated into the ExoAir Air Barrier Systems, a new standard has been set for performance, efficiency and ease of installation. Architects can confidently specify a complete, compatible air and vapor barrier system from a single source. With a complete, effective system in place, the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that energy efficiency can be improved by as much as 40% while also improving occupant comfort.

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