APTIVTMfilm enhances design of America’s Cup racing yacht.

United Internet Team Germany entered this year’s challenge for the America’s Cup with a newly designed yacht, “GER 89,” featuring Victrex APTIVTMfilm to protect intensely stressed parts. The film was selected for its extreme wear resistance and is applied to the hull and parts under the deck to protect them from friction and pressures arising from high sailing speeds. Temperatures of up to 300°C (572°F) can be created due to the frictional forces encountered.

High-performance racing yachts are similar to Formula 1 racing cars. Both are high-tech products that demand the use of state-of-the-art materials offering exceptional performance in design and construction to achieve the ultimate in form and function.

Victrex APTIV films are made from VICTREX PEEK high-performance polymer. This high-tech thermoplastic has a melting temperature of 343°C (649°F) and exceptionally high abrasion and creep resistance, even at high temperatures. The polymer provides excellent hydrolysis and chemical resistance, and does not change its properties, even when in constant contact with water. This range of properties makes APTIV film the ideal material to protect the parts of racing yachts that are exposed to high stresses.

VICTREX PEEK is a semi-crystalline polymer with a glass-transition temperature of 143°C (289°F). APTIV films can be produced with an amorphic-transparent or partially crystalline-opaque structure. APTIV films are also available with an inorganic filler to produce film grades with low thermal expansion rates. Its thermoplastic nature makes APTIV film very easy to process, and it can be thermoformed, laminated without the use of adhesives, and heat sealed, among other processing techniques. The film has already found use in automotive, electronics, acoustics, industrial, and oil and gas extraction and processing applications.

APTIV film is a technology enabler for processors, designers and engineers offering design freedom and versatility for use in their products to achieve higher performance and product differentiation.

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