GRIEVE CORP.: Walk-In Oven

No. 833 is a standard 500OF gas-fired walk-in oven from Grieve currently used to cure adhesive bonds between glass and plastic surfaces on products manufactured at a customer’s facility.

Workspace in this oven measures 6’ wide x 12’ deep x 6’6” high. A 600,000 BTU/HR modulating natural gas burner provides heat to the oven, while a 12,500 CFM, 10-HP recirculating blower maintains full horizontal airflow across the workload.

Safety equipment on No. 833 includes all components required by IRI, FM and NFPA Standard 86 for gas-heated equipment, including a 650 CFM, ½-HP powered forced exhauster. A digital indicating temperature controller is also included.

This Grieve walk-in oven features an aluminized steel interior and exterior, 4” insulated walls throughout and double doors equipped with drag seals.

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POWER ADHESIVES: Wood Repair System

Power Adhesives Ltd. has introduced an advanced wood repair system that lets manufacturers use an entire board rather than cut it before a knot or defect to eliminate waste, increase yield and maximize use of the raw material.

The unique KNOT-TECTMSystem allows manufacturers of such products as windows, doors and furniture to repair knots and fill wooden surfaces before painting or finishing. Formerly, faulty material was cut from a board and discarded by manufacturers.

The Power Adhesives system combines the company’s TECTM250 hot-melt adhesive applicator and TECBONDTM7718/12 polyamide hot-melt glue sticks to create a fast, easy-to-use system. Knots and surface defects are repaired in seconds. Application is quick and easy with no training required.

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SPIROFLOW SYSTEMS: Bulk Bag Discharger

Spiroflow Systems, Inc. offers a Bulk Bag Discharger providing controllable discharge by volume of poor-flowing materials without wastage or spillage for increased productivity and a cleaner work environment.

The Spiroflow Universal Type 2 Bulk Bag Discharger (BBD) controls the flow by means of a highly accurate, highly repeatable integral flexible screw conveyor. Directly coupled to the base of the bulk bag discharger, the flexible screw conveyor meters the flow of big bag contents to the customer’s process vessel.

The Spiroflow Type 2 Bulk Bag Discharger is well-suited for all big bag types, with sizes up to six feet high and up to two tons in weight. A dust control connection facilitates connection to the factory dust extraction system or to a local dust collector integral with the BBD.

The bag is lifted by forklift truck onto the bulk bag support frame. Spring-loaded arms gradually raise and tension the bag during emptying to ensure complete discharge of the product. The arms also prevent the bag spout or liner from sagging or fouling the take-off conveyor. Bags sit on a substantial support dish through which the neck of the bag passes into the dust cabinet below. A membrane in the dish ensures that there is a seal between the bottom of the bag and the dust cabinet.

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T AND D CORP.: Wireless Data Logger

T and D Corp. has introduced its new RTR-52Pt Wireless Data Logger. This unit uses industry-standard three wire Pt-100 RTD sensors available from many sources.

With a temperature measurement range from -200°C to 600°C, the RTR-52Pt is ideal for cryogenic applications, including liquid NO2. In addition, it has an IP-64 water resistance rating.

The RTR-52Pt is compact, portable and battery-operated. Sensors are attached using a standard three-wire screw terminal block.

The unit features a large LCD display for reading current values and the device status. The RTR-52Pt can store 8000 readings in either one-time or endless recording mode.

This new model is compatible with any T and D RTR-5x Series of wireless data collectors.

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