This company has introduced a new design option for its popular line of change can mixers, including the PowerMix, Double Planetary, VersaMix and Dual Shaft designs.

The new tilting design allows automated discharge from a tilted mix can to a receptacle placed under the can on a bench. This feature simplifies the transfer of materials to secondary processes and eliminates the need for an operator to move the can from the mixing position. It also provides a completely accessible mix can for cleaning between batches.

The PowerMix combines a powerful planetary mixing blade revolving in concert with a separate high-speed dispersion blade. Both revolve on their own axes as well as on a common axis, and each can have its speed varied independent of the other. The PowerMix is used for high-viscosity vacuum mixing and dispersion, as well as the dispersion of minor liquid or powder ingredients into powder mixes.

The change can mixers are all available in a range of sizes and are offered with many optional features, including different materials of construction, vacuum and pressure designs, jackets to heat or cool, wall scrapers, sanitary construction, and more.

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