FLUID METERING INC.: Variable-Speed Pump

This company offers a new industrial variable-speed pump (IVSP) for industrial and process applications.

Featuring a high torque three-phase drive and a three-digit LED display control module, the IVSP is ideal for handling a range of fluid viscosities.

The complete system consists of a high-torque variable-speed drive, an integrally mounted FMI valveless pump head, and a controller. The controller is a space-saving DIN design, ideal for process control panels and control rooms.

Motor speed can be adjusted either manually with front-panel membrane switches or electronically using 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA or 1010 VDC input signals.

Additional control functions include start, stop, acceleration, forward and reverse. Flow rate is determined by the combination of drive speed, piston size and pump head stroke length. Flow rates cover a range from 0.45 ml/min up to 2300 ml/mn.

For more information, visitwww.fmipump.com/IVSP.html.

PICO CHEMICAL: Resin Dissolver

PICO Chemical Corp., Chicago Heights, IL, has announced the development of a resin dissolver for the quick and complete removal of stubborn styrene polymer build-up from reactor interiors. Previous cleaning efforts by a styrene resin manufacturer were described as a nightmarish “exercise in futility,” resulting in long periods of costly downtime and risky, laborious manual follow-up that left incomplete results. PS 1025 Reactor Cleaning Accelerator was employed, and made the entire reactor interior bare-metal clean from recent as well as aged resin accumulations in just a few short hours. This reusable, water-based material has performed many subsequent times without failure for complete and reliable styrene removal, providing additional benefits and accelerating return for the company. As a direct result of PS 1025, this customer has reported a measurable increase in product quality, process efficiencies and production capacity.

For more information, visitwww.picochemical.com.

PLASMATECH: Coating/Surface Treatment Process

PLASMAtech’s plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) coating technology provides a “green” alternative for bonding or over-molding metal components.

Surface preparation of metal components prior to bonding incompatible materials may require caustic chemical etchants or other costly conversion coatings to ensure good bonding to the base metal substrate. By depositing a thin, polymerized coating it is possible to create a tie or interface layer that permits direct bonding or over-molding to the metal surface. The resultant bond performance is excellent, with results that often surpass those achieved with conventional methods.

Superior to other coating or conversion processes, plasma polymerized thin films can be deposited directly onto a plasma pre-cleaned substrate without exposure to the atmosphere. This continuous multi-step process provides excellent adhesion to the base substrate with polymerization occurring at an atomic level.

PLASMAtech provides contract processing services, as well as a full line of low-pressure gas plasma and parylene coating equipment. Process development services are available for unique or especially challenging surface engineering requirements.

For more information, visitwww.plasmatechnology.com.

PRES-ON: Ultra-Narrow Silicone Tape

To meet the assembly requirements of manufacturers of appliances, electronics, lighting and other products, Pres-On is now offering its popular S-600 Silicone Tape slit-cut into narrow 3/16-inch widths and pre-packaged onto a common core. Set side-by-side on a spool, the tape is fast and easy for line workers to remove and apply, eliminating several steps in the process and reducing tape waste.

Because S-600 prevents penetration of fine particles, it is an excellent way to protect products from environmental damage, including those designed for outdoor use.

UL recognized for flame retardance and gasketing, S-600 tapes are constructed of a highly versatile, medium-firmness silicone that combines the lightness of foam with the sealing of traditional sponge rubber. A pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive - lab tested to perform in environments from –25°F to 300°F - is applied to one side with a removable liner.

For more information, visitwww.pres-on.com.

RESEARCH AND MARKETS LTD.: Rheology Modifier Handbook

The Handbook of Rheology Modifierscontains a comprehensive collection of information on more than 7,500 trade name and generic chemicals that function as rheology modifiers. This reference will serve as an invaluable tool for the chemical professional who is involved in research and development and the manufacture of industrial and consumer products. It is a single source for identifying the most appropriate rheological modifier for a particular application. TheHandbookeliminates the need to collect information from multiple suppliers and saves hours of time otherwise spent perusing specification sheets from the many worldwide manufacturers of these products.

For more information, visitwww.researchandmarkets.com.