A wet-process, colloid mill laboratory system for achieving total control over the end process for emulsification, dispersion and particle size reduction has been introduced by Bematek Systems, Inc. of Salem, MA.

The Bematek Colloid Mill Lab System features a positive displacement feed pump to produce a pressure drop across the rotor-stator gap that yields smaller particle sizes with higher throughputs and greater uniformity. Suitable for viscous materials up to 500,000 CPS, this laboratory system allows full control of residence time in the mill to achieve the desired viscosity control and uniform size of both emulsions and dispersions.

Capable of producing uniform particle size reduction down to 1 µm with throughput up to 300 GPM, the Bematek Colloid Mill Lab System can be scaled up to full in-line production with accuracies to 95%. The residence time (flow rate) plus the shear rate, defined by the rotor-stator gap and speed of the mill, provides full control over desired temperature and product characteristics. Two variable frequency drive controllers are included.

The Bematek Colloid Mill Lab System is priced from $24,995.00, depending upon configuration. Literature and quotations are available upon request.

For more information, visitwww.bematek.com.