Nordson’s Braille application systems help to communicate important product information to visually impaired consumers.

Nordson Corp.’s Braille adhesive application system featuring®gun technology is giving packagers a new, cost-effective way to directly communicate important product information to visually impaired consumers.

The new solution is being used by Italy-based Brescia Milk Depot to provide milk expiration dates in Braille so its visually impaired consumers will have more independence when they shop.

Launched in October of 2007, the Nordson Braille system features a three-module gun, a specially developed electronic Braille code pattern controller and a Nordson adhesive melter. The all-electric gun accurately applies adhesive Braille coding to packaging at a height of 0.5 mm, which meets current established guidelines for Braille readability. The ball and seat design of the gun provides superior repeatability and clean cut-off for reduced adhesive stringing.

The Nordson Braille pattern controller is capable of interpreting multiple languages into Braille code. Quick and easy programming delivers precise Braille code placement, even at high speeds. Displays show both standard text and Braille code-dot patterns. Setup menus are only accessible with a key, which helps to protect the data input.

According to Chief Executive Officer Andrea Bartolozzi, the Milk Depot took the initiative to incorporate the Braille alphabet into its packaging after receiving a request from the Italian Association for the Blind and Visually Handicapped.

“The organization brought to our attention how difficult it is for the blind to do their shopping,” Bartolozzi said. “But adding Braille to our packaging was a technical challenge, because the information can’t be printed in advance and must be incorporated into a production line that processes 12,000 bottles per hour. We partnered with Nordson on our Braille solution because the company’s technology could best meet our challenging production environment.”

Nordson Braille systems deliver significant advantages over other Braille application methods. Using clear adhesive for Braille coding eliminates interference with packaging graphics, whereas ink applications can obscure text or logos. Adhesive will also maintain its structural integrity and will not deteriorate over time. Embossing - another technique for applying Braille to packaging - can pop with repeated use. Embossing is also limited to certain applications; it cannot be used on clear boxes and can only be applied at half the height of an adhesive Braille pattern.

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