The Rochester Business Journalrecently honored Garlock Sealing Technologies for environmental leadership. The company, a leader in fluid sealing technology for more than 100 years, was one of three honorees in the category of environmental innovation, based on its conversion to a more environmentally friendly material for gasket production at its Palmyra, NY, facility.

"The Environmental Leadership Awards were created to honor area companies making great strides to become environmentally sound and helping make our community a healthier place to live," said Susan R. Holliday, president and publisher ofTheRochester Business Journal. "Garlock was selected this year because of its demonstrated commitment to having a positive impact on environmental issues."

Garlock invested more than $3 million to replace a volatile organic compound (VOC) with a more environmentally friendly material in its production of gasket material, eliminating annual air emissions of 120 tons in the process. Use of the new material also resulted in improved process yields, products that seal 20% better and a healthier work environment.

"We're truly honored to receive this distinguished award," said Garlock President Paul Baldetti. "However, it represents just one aspect, albeit an important one, of our continuing commitment to provide products that are environmentally safe in and of themselves, and that offer our customers cost-effective compliance solutions. We believe the extensive environmental and conservation measures we've taken in our current modernization project underscore that commitment."

When Garlock embarked on its five-year, $30 million plant modernization project in 2005, the company was operating in an antiquated, inefficient manufacturing complex constructed between 1907 and 1956. Now at its mid-point, the project involves construction of two new production plants. The first phase, a plant that manufactures dynamic seals, was completed in 2006. A second plant for production of PTFE-based gaskets is scheduled to open this summer.

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