FLEXcon has announced the SA6000 Series of tacky silicone adhesives, which offer the ease of use of acrylic adhesives but with silicone adhesive's performance in extreme temperatures. These products are ideal for high- and low-temperature gasketing and sealing, vibration damping in a wide variety of temperatures, and applications calling for limited flammability in the automotive, aerospace, industrial, and flexible electronics industries. The products operate at temperatures from  -300°F to 500°F, and have a tack level of 760 grams (ASTM 2979).

Adhesives in FLEXcon's SA6000 Series are flexible and breathable, and their tackiness allows for product assembly to be done more easily and efficiently. Silicone adhesives take up to 72 hours to cure, but FLEXcon's SA6000 tackiness will hold the bond until the adhesive cures, facilitating automated assembly. The product's adhesive qualities keep it on the release liner through the production process, while also allowing for die cutting without an unintended peel-off of the liner that could disrupt production.

The SA6000 Series is offered as a transfer tape, a single-coated construction, and in a double-coated construction such as one that includes silicone adhesive on one side of a film or liner and an acrylic adhesive on the other.

For more information, visit www.myflexcon.com/pphome.