Chemguard has added three new short-chain fluorosurfactants to the company’s existing line of 6-carbon amphoteric, anionic, cationic and nonionic perfluoro products.  Available now, amphoteric S-500 and nonionic S-550 and S-559 bring proven fluorine efficiency and broad environmental compatibility to adhesives, floor care products, inks, cleaners, paints, roof coatings, solvent-based systems, and stains.

Chemguard fluorosurfactants are based on telomer synthesis. No perfluorooctyl sulfonate (PFOS), no perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), and no derivatives that decompose to them are used in the manufacturing process. Chemguard fluorosurfactants are composed of predominately six carbon (greater than 95%) and shorter perfluoro chains with no known pathway of decomposing to PFOS or PFOA.

In addition to the applications listed above, Chemguard short-chain fluorosurfactants are used in emulsions, plating baths, mold release products and wood coatings.