To assist tape converters and medical device manufacturers in meeting high-quality standards, MACtac®Medical Products recently developed its SilkTMultimate adhesive systems, comprised of three levels of adhesion - Soft Touch, General Purpose and Extra Strength - to provide customers with a range of adhesion levels, from those suitable for short-term wear and sensitive skin applications to demanding, long-term wear applications.

Silk adhesives offer excellent skin adhesion, but remove cleanly and gently from skin without leaving residue or causing skin trauma. With superior adhesion to low-surface-energy substrates, such as SMS and cellulose based non-wovens, and PE, EVA, and elastic kraton-type films, Silk adhesives deliver high shear strength without sacrificing initial tack and peel.

While each level of adhesive strength offers customers the flexibility to specify the adhesive qualities necessary for their application, typical applications at each level of adhesion are as follows: pediatric ECG and ophthalmic drape applications for Soft Touch adhesives; ostomy mount and defibrillation; IV securement; TENS electrodes; electrosurgical grounding pad applications for General Purpose adhesives; and stress electrode, wound closure, and surgical drape applications for Extra Strength adhesives.

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