The Ross PowerMix is ideally suited to mix viscous materials requiring a combination of high- and low-shear mixing and dispersion.

The patented PowerMix is unique and includes two separate agitation systems within one mixer. A planetary blade revolves in combination with a separate high-speed dispersion blade. Both revolve on their own axes, as well as on a common axis, and the speed of each can be varied independent of the other. This combination allows a user to fine-tune the mixer to meet his specific process needs and the shear rates required to optimize his process. The PowerMix is used for high-viscosity vacuum mixing and dispersion, as well as the dispersion of minor liquid or powder ingredients into powder mixes.

The PowerMix is available in many sizes, from a ½-gal laboratory unit through a 750-gal production model. Test and trial rental machines are available for evaluation prior to purchase.

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