Nordson Corp.’s Universal SureWrap nozzles accurately apply hot-melt adhesive to elastic strands used for elasticized legs, leg cuffs and waistbands on baby diapers, training pants, and adult incontinence products. Universal SureWrap nozzles can help manufacturers achieve improved creep resistance compared to multiple-strand spray coverage while decreasing adhesive consumption and reducing product costs.

Nordson recently upgraded its Universal SureWrap nozzles for greater durability and improved ease of use with coated elastic materials. New hard-wear inserts in elastic guiding areas of nozzles alleviate accelerated wear caused by abrasive pigmented and talc-coated elastics and high production speeds.

“Our recent enhancements to the Universal SureWrap nozzles are just one example of how Nordson continuously strives to advance our products, ensuring that our customers have access to the market’s best technology,” said Alan Ramspeck, product line manager. “With these upgrades, SureWrap is an even more cost-effective, durable solution that will give our customers greater operational latitude and success.”

SureWrap’s patented integral strand guides optimize adhesive placement, stabilizing strand position and eliminating the need for additional guiding devices. By concentrating the thermal mass, SureWrap improves creep resistance and maximizes heat retention and open time. The flexible design accommodates single and multi-strand applications, and nozzles are compatible with Universal Series modules, typically allowing customers to achieve the benefits of SureWrap nozzle technology without the need to purchase new applicators or modules.

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