Based on VICTREX®PEEKTMpolymer, which is widely regarded as one of the highest-performing thermoplastics in the world, APTIV high-performance film is now available in a cosmetic black color. The black film has the same properties as the natural color film, but offers customers a new option when dark color is a design requirement. Considerable interest in black film has already been registered by manufacturers of acoustic speakers and thermal acoustic insulation. APTIV film’s excellent fatigue, power handling and high-temperature performance (along with outstanding acoustic qualities) offer an excellent fit for speaker diaphragms. In addition to the speaker market, black APTIV film is gaining interest in tapes, labels and a variety of automotive and aerospace applications.

APTIV black film properties include: high-temperature performance; excellent chemical, wear and hydrolysis resistance; superior mechanical properties; excellent barrier (permeation) and electrical properties; exceptional radiation resistance; high purity; halogen-free, RoHS and FDA compliance; good flammability without the use of flame retardants; low toxicity of combustion gases; and, due to the thermoplastic nature of VICTREX PEEK polymer, APTIV film provides outstanding downstream conversion flexibility, and it is recyclable.

APTIV film can be easily subjected to a range of secondary process operations, including: thermoforming; lamination to other polymers and metals, with or without adhesives; laser welding to another PEEK film (natural or black) allowing for elimination of glue systems; application of specialized coatings; die cutting and stamping; and laser marking and machining.

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