Victrex has installed a new high-temperature vacuum laminating press system at its manufacturing facility in Lancashire, United Kingdom. With this addition, Victrex now has the capability of bonding its APTIVTMfilm, produced from VICTREX®PEEKTMpolymer, to a range of other substrates without the use of adhesives.

“The press enables us to take advantage of APTIV film’s unique thermoplastic nature which allows it to be heat-laminated to other substrates,” explained John Getz, Global Commercial Leader of APTIV Film.  “In effect, we are melting the APTIV film in a very controlled manner to allow it to intimately bond to other substrates including metals, fabrics, itself and other polymer films.”

This new capability will allow customers to develop applications combining the inherent properties of APTIV film with other materials such as metal foils or non-woven fabrics and meshes to produce laminate materials with exceptional combinations of properties.

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