Brookfield Engineering, Middleboro, MA, has announced the acquisition of RheoTec Messtechnik GmbH of Dresden, Germany. Brookfield and RheoTec have been partners for the past 10 years in the sale of the R/S family of rheometers.

Through Brookfield’s international dealer network, R/S Rheometers have become leading instruments in the rheology market, providing both controlled stress and controlled rate measurement capabilities. This acquisition also secures the production and service of high-quality R/S Rheometers for Brookfield customers around the world, and fortifies Brookfield’s development, manufacturing, sales, and service capabilities.

In addition to R/S Rheometers, RheoTec manufactures complementary instruments that will soon be made available to Brookfield customers around the globe. These include RheoTec’s Hoeppler “Falling Ball” Viscometer and a variety of in-line process viscometers.

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