For adhesive dispensing applications, Henkel Corp. offers a comprehensive line of Loctite®Consumables, standardized dispense components designed to replace disposable parts required on any brand dispensing equipment.

Loctite Consumables include a variety of competitively priced dispense tips, static mix nozzles and syringe barrel components. High-precision dispense tips are available in stainless steel, tapered polyethylene and flexible polypropylene, and feature a positive locking helical thread design to ensure that the tip stays intact during tough applications. A diverse selection of static mix nozzles meets any two-part adhesive dispensing requirements. High-quality syringe barrels and components are designed for consistent single-component adhesive dispensing.

Henkel offers free trial samples of Loctite Consumables products. Until the end of 2008, purchasers will receive a 10% discount on all consumable components.

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