This company has introduced its new Dow Corning®HM-2520 Assembly Sealant, which combines the immediate green strength of a hot-melt adhesive with the long-term performance of a reactive silicone sealant, offering improved resistance to movement during cure.

HM-2520 is a neutral-cure, low-VOC sealant that enables parts to be moved immediately upon application. It also offers higher tensile strength for applications that require more secure adhesion.

“HM-2520 Assembly Sealant helps maximize plant efficiency and production output by effectively removing cure time from the manufacturing process,” said Ross Noel, senior application engineer for Dow Corning.

HM-2520 has a high tensile strength of 700 psi and service temperatures ranging from –50oto 300oF. This product meets FDA Regulation CFR 177.2600 and is NSF 51 and NSF 61 listed.

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