The monthly roundup from Editor Teresa McPherson.

The past few years have brought difficult challenges to our industry, and to our world. AtASIwe’re doing our best to keep you armed with useful, informative information. We tailor our editorial to meet your everyday needs, striving to help you do business smarter, keep on top of trends, stay informed about technological advancements, and give you the news you need - when you need it.

For 2009, we challenged ourselves to develop a synergistic print and online editorial lineup that would not only help you to overcome obstacles, but also to focus on opportunities for growth. Each issue ofASIincludes a primary focus on a key industry topic you need to know about, as well as Special Reports. End-user coverage is included in selected issues.

We’re here to serve you as a key online and print industry resource, aggregating important breaking and industry news. Our online and print coverage includes feature articles on the latest technologies, raw materials, processes, and equipment, as well as columns and special features dealing with industry trends, business, and marketing practices.

Each print issue is paired with “Online Exclusives” – first-rate editorial content that can only be found on our Web site, Also online are up-to-the-minute breaking news reports, daily blog posts, the Product of the Day, and other useful updates. Bookmarks or RSS subscriptions keep you coming back to stay informed and see what’s new.

We’ve also expanded our Web site to include online “At the Show Reports” - real-time reports and photos from key industry events, including the ASC Spring and Fall Conventions, ATExpo, and the PSTC Week of Learning.

And speaking of new, we’re taking “green” to a new level this year - by publishing two special Green issues (May and November), each printed on recycled stock. The issues will bring exclusive reports and extended coverage of this important industry-wide effort, including Green, Recycling, Sustainability, and more.

With guidance from our top-notch Editorial Advisory Board, our editorial staff is dedicated to bringing practical and timely solutions to the challenges you face every day. We look forward to helping you prosper in 2009 and beyond.

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