Velsicol Eesti invests in ‘green’ solution for water safety.

The Estonia plant.

Velsicol Chemical Corp. has completed a high-technology anaerobic treatment system for post-production water at its Velsicol Eesti manufacturing facility in Kohtla-Järve, Estonia. This represents an ultra-low-energy, low-waste solution to treat water, and is the first usage of this new technology in the Kohtla-Järve area.

“We are saving energy and water, and, in the long run, improving the environment,” says Gadylsha Gismatullin, Velsicol Eesti Production manager.

Velsicol Eesti is the first company served by Järve Biopuhastus to meet new standards for water processed by the regional treatment facility located in Kohtla-Järve. In addition, Velsicol Eesti meets European Union regulations on performing secondary water treatment before its release.

Velsicol Eesti invested in excess of €2 million over the past 12 months to install a biological pretreatment unit from Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies using the latest science available. The heart of the pretreatment process is a special anaerobic reactor system in which organic compounds are converted into energy-rich bio-gas with an efficiency of 90%. The bio-gas, which consists mostly of methane, is used to fuel the water heaters. Besides generating renewable energy in the form of bio-gas, another advantage of this anaerobic treatment system is minimal production of inert waste.

“The new system is so efficient that it may generate more bio-gas than the treatment unit needs. We plan to use the excess hot water to heat our working spaces within our facility,” Gismatullin says. “Our engineering team is continually looking for new solutions to use less, recycle more and save natural resources.”

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