This company has expanded its product offering to include a new medical-grade-free adhesive film specifically designed to address the needs of medical device OEMs and medical converters challenged with laminating various materials together during device assembly.

TM1039 film features MACtac’s synthetic, rubber-based MP555 adhesive, which provides exceptional conformability for bonding fabrics, felts, foams, films and other materials where a reinforcing carrier membrane is not required. TM1039 securely bonds to uneven or irregular surfaces, as well as a variety of low-energy surfaces including polyethylene and polypropylene. Along with the film’s high-performance adhesive, TM1039 features a two-side, release-treated, 80# densified kraft liner.

All MACtac Medical Products adhesives are tested according to ISO 10993-5/-10 standards for cytotoxicity, skin irritation and skin sensitization; all are suitable for sustained skin contact with third-party biocompatibility documentation; and all are stable after EtO or gamma sterilization.

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